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What Is Triangulation In Research Designs?

Conducting research is not everybody’s cup of tea, and so, it appeals to a very small part of the population. For them, the research is a deeply personal and intrinsic experience. They completely immerse themselves in the empirical data and enjoy the process of gathering, evaluating, interpreting, and analysing it. They also derive pleasure from the process, especially when they finally understand or conclude an outcome.

Depending on the type and approach you want to assume, research can be of two types: qualitative and quantitative. The two divisions are rightly pointed out as they both stand for opposite purposes and aims. Quantitative research is extremely linear and direct, whereas qualitative research is exploratory and non-linear. As a matter of fact, even their writing formats are highly contrasting.

So qualitative research would choose the same technique that one normally utilises in Law Essay Writing Service UK without taking the assistance of any Best Essay Writing Service UK . On the other hand, quantitative research is sectioned into various chapters and paragraphs. Despite the differences in the method and approach, if there is one thing that is commonly observed in research, then it is the concept of triangulation.

So, what exactly is triangulation? Well, triangulation is essentially a state of mind or a technique that you use while collecting data. It encompasses every angle of your research, making it broader, accurate, and less falsifiable. The common areas that the concepts of triangulation touch are mentioned below.  


·         Triangulation of measures

When you’re conducting formal research, you have to ensure that you cover every aspect of the topic. Therefore, focus on planning and means to collect data. So, how will you gather the required information? Which population will you take into consideration? If you want to learn about the environment of a certain school following this concept, you will seek information from the teachers, students, parents, and consider the SAT scores, drop-out rates, and even the enrolment rates. Hence, it is about focusing on the intensity, frequency, and other factors of the research.


·         Triangulation of observers

The researchers also hold prominent roles as they not only collect data but also analyse and interpret it. Thus, their individualised and subjective experience is also taken into consideration. Furthermore, the more researchers there are on the project, the better and more varied the process is going to be.  


·         Triangulation of method

Triangulation of method is basically the same thing we discussed earlier. When you’re doing research, you need to maintain the elements of qualitative and quantitative research design to ensure that the results are more authentic and accurate.


·         Triangulation of theory

Finally, the last parameter of the triangulation method is the lens of theories. The literature review and the theoretical framework you mention hold a high significance. Therefore, ensure that you compare and contrast your topic and research with diverse and multiple theories of the past as this will give more platform to explore.

Hence, to make your research credible, it is essential to consider and implement the elements of triangulation. When you have diversified and expanded the process, you gather more accurate and authentic data.

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