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Effective Ways to Enhance Problem Solving Skills






While we are naturally disposed to hate problems, the fact is that problems are an ever-present part of life. Even when we don’t actively think of it, we are always solving problems every day, both big and small. The thing is that not many of us think of ourselves as problem solvers.

Problem-solving and decision-making skills are a highly valuable skill to have, which could benefit us in every aspect of life every day. As stated earlier, most of us don’t call ourselves problem solvers, and hence by not actively thinking about it, we deprive ourselves of working to become better problem solvers.

People who are good problem solvers are people who reach the pinnacle of success. It makes sense, because, in the most basic of terms, every business is nothing but a solution to a problem. It is common knowledge that the most successful businesses are the ones, which solve people’s problems and make their lives easier. For example, think about an online essay writing company. If a student is short on time due to personal problems in life, he can easily take help of the best essay writing service UK and hence find a solution to his problem.

Like every other skill, problem-solving is a skill that can be improved through consistent practice and dedication. So if you want to become a better problem-solver, then the following tips are for you.

Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem

The reason most of us fall prey to various life problems is that we tend to focus mainly on the problem itself and get fixated on it. Worrying about the problem does nothing except giving birth to a new problem. Effective problem-solvers know very well that the most efficient way of solving any problem is by actually focusing on the solution. Thinking about the problem constantly breeds negativity which prevents you from actively working on finding a solution.

Use the 5 Whys Method

The ‘5 Whys’ method is a problem-solving framework that helps you to find out the root cause of the problem. Why is finding the root cause of the problem important? That is because by cutting off the head, you can eliminate the entire problem monster itself. The ‘five whys’ method works by asking questions which keep digging deeper to find out the root cause of a problem, which eventually helps you to understand what is giving birth to a certain problem.

Simplify Things

Human beings are naturally inclined to make things a lot more complicated than they are. It is a universal rule that most things in life are really simple. By complicating things, solving a problem becomes even more difficult. With the help of the ‘5 whys’ method, you can eliminate the complex details of the problem and strip it down to the simple basics, making it easier to find a solution. It is important to find simplicity since simplicity is what breeds productivity and motivation.


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